It’s a dirty job…
Yeah, "it's a dirty-job". But, as the motto says, "somebody has to do it". We do it! We clean where some people pollute, because when we ask ourselves the question "if not us, then who?", the answer is "probably no one".
Setting an example
Anyone who has taken part in cleaning up public spaces, especially if they have dived deeply to catch that car tire that will otherwise stay there - probably forever, will never ever throw any trash into the sea. Or anywhere else. Because only through personal experience do we truly understand how easy it is to destroy, and how infinitely more difficult it is to restore.
The sea is our home
Even if we do not have fins, and scales, and gills. Especially for Greece, with over 15,000 kilometers of coastline, with no point in the territory to be further than 137 kilometers away (not even an hour and a half!) from a beach, really, how could it not be? The sea is our home. And our home must shine.
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